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Marci Sealey    

Medium & Spirit Artist

Mediumship Readings


Marci Sealey is a  Medium  & Spirit Artist who provides beautiful readings through the process of using colour. Through her Mediumship readings, she provides that beautiful connection to your loved ones within the spirit world. During this process, she draws/paints a portrait of the essence of love while blending with them. As a Medium and Spirit Artist, Marci provides evidential information about spirit loved ones and her messages come from a place of love and healing. Her work’s emphasis as a medium is to make those connections to loved ones that are no longer with us and to provide a conduit for their voices. 

As a medium, Marci also works as a conduit for psychic readings and she uses colour in her artwork to represent the richness of the information within the aura. During her psychic readings, she focuses on past,  current and future possibilities for every client.

Marci provides that opportunity for sitters to seek this information and reveal that link between themselves and their path. 


Marci provides psychic & mediumship readings.

1 Hr @110$ / 30 min @60$