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Marci Sealey    

Medium & Spirit Artist

Guides Portraits & Connection

Spirit Guides Readings


Spirit Guides are spiritual beings connected with us and have been on our spiritual journey. Some guides serve the purpose of witnessing many of our lifetimes and working and supporting us while we've been on our spiritual pathway. Our guides are our souls' support system; we can receive guidance and wisdom if we are open to them.

Everyone has guides, but people are often unaware of them, so our guides wait until we are ready to ask them for support. Sometimes we become acquainted with them if we experience a stressful, traumatic situation. People have talked about a sense of calm coming over them and knowing they will be alright. We come to this lifetime with numerous spirit guides, and they have played a role and served a purpose for this life's journey.

Perhaps you have connected with one of your guides or are curious to see this guide in a picture format or get a message. 

1 Hr reading 110$