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Marci Sealey    

Medium & Spirit Artist

What Is Spirit Art?

As a Medium and Spirit Artist, during my readings, I create a portraiture of the spirit that has come through in the reading. This provides a visual picture for clients and is meaningful evidence for the client to keep. 

Spirit can present as a vision via clairvoyance. A taste may occur of something that is not there. Voices may present, a smell may appear, or a strong feeling of love is present. Everyone's spiritual journey is unique. I link with spirit via the Clair senses to help you discover your unique spiritual path. When conducting a spirit art mediumship reading, I use the Clair senses to construct an image of spirit and put it to paper.

If you want a spirit art reading done, please contact me, and we can set up an appointment: in-person readings and distance readings via Zoom, Facetime, or North American phone. Appointments are available in any time zone. Contact me for further details.


When you purchase a Spirit Art reading with me, I will connect with you online (or in person, if distant, conduct the reading, and also send you the Art created during the reading. Once payment has been made, I will contact you to schedule the reading. Shipping is an additional cost. Images are also available via PDF.

For CAD 110. 

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