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Spirit Art by Marci Sealey

As a spiritual medium, I connect to spirit in order to link you to your personal journey. Spirit Art is a way for me to use the information I gather from spirit to create a physical representation of the spirit, through drawing and painting. 

I am located in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada, however I can conduct spirit art mediumship readings via Skype if it is not possible for us to meet in person. 

Learn more about spirit art readings, and please contact me with any questions you may have, or to set up a reading. 

I also conduct workshops, counselling, and theta healing. You can visit to view my upcoming workshops or schedule an appointment for counselling or theta healing meditation. 


When you purchase a Spirit Art reading with me, I will connect with you via Skype (or in person if distance permits), conduct the reading, and also send you the art that is created during the reading. Once payment has been made, I will contact you to schedule the reading.

For $100 CAD, you get a 1-hour reading with me via Skype (or in person), and I will send you the art that is created, with a mat, in a protective bag, postage paid. 

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