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Spirit Art by Marci Sealey

As a medium and Spirit Portrait Artist, Marci provides evidential information of spirit loved ones to blend to create a portrait of them. Her work's emphasis as a medium is to make those connections to loved ones that are no longer with us and to provide a conduit for their voices. Messages are always in a loving and caring nature and are about helping those here with their current lives, and to help them heal. Marci has a background in social services as a Counsellor and has worked with people who have experienced trauma and loss. Her life's purpose is to assist healing on a spiritual level. 

Learn more about spirit art readings, and please contact Marci with any questions you may have, or to set up a reading. 

Marci also conducts workshops, counselling, and theta healing. You can visit to view upcoming workshops or schedule an appointment for counselling or theta healing meditation. 


When you purchase a Spirit Art reading, Marci will connect with you via Skype (or in person if distance permits), conduct the reading, and also send you the art that is created during the reading. Once payment has been made, Marci will contact you to schedule the reading.

For $100 CAD, you get a 1-hour reading with Marci via Skype (or in person), and afterwards the art that is created is sent to you, with a mat, in a protective bag, postage paid. 

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